Dr. Cutler earned a doctorate degree in social psychology in 1987 and has been conducting psychological research on legal issues continuously since 1983. He has been fortunate to have had tenured faculty positions at two universities in the U.S. and one in Canada.  His primary residence is in Toronto, Ontario, where he continues to work as Professor, and lives part-time in Old Lyme, Connecticut.  

Dr. Cutler has also been fortunate to have had the following professional experiences:

  • Consultant/Expert Witness in more than 240 criminal and civil cases in the U.S. and Canada since 1988
  • 19 years university leadership experience as Department Chair, Associate Dean, and Interim Dean at three universities
  • Editor-in-Chief of Law and Human Behavior, the journal of the American Psychology-Law Society
  • Past President of the American Psychology-Law Society, Division 41 of APA
  • Editor of the American Psychological Association's Handbook of Forensic Psychology
  • Editor of Reform of Eyewitness Identification Procedures (APA Press)
  • Editor of Conviction of the Innocent: Lessons from Psychological Research (APA Press)
  • Editor of Expert Testimony on the Psychology of Eyewitness Identification (Oxford University Press)
  • Author of Evaluating Eyewitness Identification (Oxford University Press)
  • Author of Mistaken Eyewitness Identification (Cambridge University Press).
  • Author of more than 25 chapters in edited volumes and more than 70 peer-reviewed articles