The Eyewitness Evidence Evaluation Clinic provides state of the science review of the conditions under which eyewitness memory was encoded, the post-event factors that may have influenced eyewitness memory, and the procedures under which eyewitness memory was assessed (e.g., interviews, eyewitness identification procedures).  Dr. Cutler, an expert on the psychology of eyewitness memory, and his team of colleagues and graduate students will review your eyewitness evidence and provide any or all of the following:

  • Conference call discussion about the eyewitness evidence

  • Written evaluation of the eyewitness evidence

  • Conference call debriefing of the evaluation

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THE eyewitness evidence evaluation INCLUDES:

  • A summary of the viewing conditions that can impair an eyewitness’s ability to form a memory sufficient for recall or identification

  • A summary of post-event factors that can influence eyewitness memory

  • Highlights of suggestive interview or identification procedures

  • A comparison of interview and/or identification procedures used with modern best practices and guidelines

  • A review of factors that can inflate eyewitness confidence irrespective of accuracy and create a sense of “false confidence.”



Lead by Coral Cost Group’s Dr. Brian Cutler, The Eyewitness Evidence Evaluation Clinic mission includes:

  • Enhancing justice in cases involving eyewitness evidence

  • Educating professionals and laypeople concerning risk factors for mistaken eyewitness identification or eyewitness recall

  • Training future generations of eyewitness experts