The Interrogation Evaluation Clinic provides state of the science evaluations of videotaped interviews and interrogations. Dr. Cutler, an expert on the psychology of false confessions, and his team of colleagues and graduate students will review your interview or interrogation and related materials and provide any or all of the following:

  • Conference call discussion about the interrogation 

  • Written evaluation of the interrogation 

  • Conference call debriefing of the evaluation

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What you can expect from us

The Interrogation Evaluation includes:

  • Breakdown of the interrogation process. Includes a count of all persuasive tactics used along with descriptions and quotations.

  • Highlights of any particularly coercive or problematic tactics used.

  • Information on relevant personal risk factors for false confession (e.g., sleep deprivation, mental illness).

  • Analysis of admissions and confessions. Includes highlights of inconsistencies and confession contamination.

  • Information on possible next steps such as reports and expert witness testimony.



Lead by Coral Coast Group’s Dr. Brian Cutler, The Interrogation Evaluation Clinic mission includes:

  • Enhancing justice in cases involving interrogation and false confession

  • Educating professionals and laypeople concerning risk factors for false confession

  • Training future generations of false confession experts