Coral Coast Group offers research, consulting, and expert testimony services in forensic and social psychology.  As needed, Dr. Cutler works with a research team consisting of himself and other researchers to conduct and present social and forensic psychological research to meet a variety of scientific and advocacy needs.

Consultation & EXPERT WITNESS

Educate clients and fact-finders about how social and cognitive psychology influence the risk of errors in eyewitness memory or the risk of false confession.


One-on-one or small group training on eyewitness memory, false confessions, forensic psychological research and forensic psychology.

Behavioral Research 

Design and conduct original research to answer questions arising in litigation. Research design, data collection, data analysis, presentations & reports.

writing & editing for publication

Assist and/or collaborate on topics of mutual interest for articles and books. Topics include: law, human behavior, psychology, forensic psychology.